osOpinion: Promises Have Backfired

“One of the most essential freedoms which GNU/Linux
programmers enjoy is freedom from deadlines. It is so essential to
the success of the whole GNU/Linux scene that we cannot afford to
lose it.
It is lacking from the proprietary scene precisely
because of the PHB [Pointy Haired Boss — lt ed.]

“A PHB has to show something…”

“In the case of programming, most work is done on the interface.
After all, it’s what the prospective reviewer is first going to
see, and if that’s flawed then the whole show goes bang.

“When the interface is all set, then the real core programming
is continued relentlessly, without interruption… only there’s a
deadline hanging over, and it must all be finished. Code
compromises, left-over bugs, inelegant implementations – there you
have a typical piece of proprietary software.”