osOpinion: The Cost of Migration

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“There are more and more reports coming out about companies
taking a “wait and see” attitude with regard to migrations to
Windows NT 2000. A recent Evans Marketing Services report also
indicates that 31.7 percent of developers will never migrate their
applications to Windows 2000. A related table in the same report
claims that 55 percent of people using Windows NT currently will
not migrate until 2001 and 27 percent will never migrate to Windows
NT 2000 at all.”

“Many of my customers are not at all happy about the
requirements to upgrade to NT 2000 to take advantage of the new
services and to remain supportable. It’s not just the hardware
costs, but those are certainly a factor. They believe that their
investment in Microsoft applications, server systems and training
made so far is not being rewarded since they are now basically
going to have to scrap their carefully laid Windows NT 4 domain
architecture made years ago and retrain their staff….”

People claim that Unix is 30-year-old technology, and while
it is true it is based on the Unix of years gone by, the Unix of
the 90’s is not the same as it has always been. It has evolved like
all solid engineering designs.
Its naming system (BIND) now
provides naming services for the largest distributed system ever
devised in the Internet. It’s mail handler (sendmail) handles the
vast majority of email sent today. These tools and others have
grown and evolved over time from simple tools to complex solutions,
but show the hallmarks of good engineering from the start; simple,
elegant design and standards compliance.”

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