osOpinion: The finding of fact: Lady justice cleaves the Monopoly

“Without question, Judge Penfield Jackson’s finding of fact is a
watershed in computing history. We all know now the judge’s
verdict: Microsoft is a monopoly, it has abused that monopoly by
stifling competition and the consumers have been harmed.”

“What are the ramifications of the preliminary ruling? First,
the Caldera case has become much more dangerous.”

“Second, the OEM from the big companies like IBM to the smallest
computer reseller will return to MS and demand to renegotiate their
Windows contracts.”

“Third, MS Office is under siege, Boies, the Justice
Department’s prosecutor, has bluntly told MS to settle or the
Office contracts will be scrutinized.
This is the second most
dangerous development after Caldera. IBM and Corel will likely
involve themselves and seek not only billions of dollars in lost
sales and profits but demand that OEMs and customers choose which
suite is preinstalled if at all. MS’ inability to force
preinstallations of Office will dilute the company’s profits and
give users real choices.”

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