osOpinion: Why Corel Linux may spoil the future for Microsoft

[ Thanks to Kelly
for this link. ]

“Several months ago I heard about Corel’s dealings with GraphOn,
and saw the possibility that Corel would bundle their Application
server software with the then upcoming Corel Desktop Linux. I have
to congratulate Michael Cowpland and the Corel team for thinking
two steps ahead of Microsoft. I think Corel has realized that
sooner or later most apps, especially the ones most crucial to
Microsoft will be rented on the web. When I speak of crucial
applications, I’m talking about Microsoft Office, what many
consider to be Microsoft’s only worthwhile application….”

The ability to provide any software to any client remotely
is definitely going to be profitable for Corel. I can imagine that
Corel may sidestep Microsoft’s distribution channel by offering
Wordperfect, or even Office itself directly to their
Supposedly any company which owns a copy of a given
program can distribute it to various clients locally or worldwide
as they see fit. The assumption that one initially makes about the
GraphOn technology is that it would be used in an office on a local
area network, but if you read Corel’s press release, you see that
application distribution over the internet is enabled by the
Bridges software….”

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