PC Week: Editorial: The way of Linux

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“Could the fragmented history of Unix be repeating itself with
Linux? There are signs: Variations in ideology as well as
cash–lots of it–are pushing Linux to the brink of fragmentation
as the threads of the open-source model–its only stabilizing
force–are weakening.”

“Linux’s problem stems from its popularity and a booming
economy. As vendors and investors hurl money at anything with a
penguin, Linux vendors are scrambling to add differentiating value
to the operating system. Red Hat has an application packager and a
user interface. Caldera has a different installer. Both have struck
agreements with big-name vendors, with products only certified on
one version of Linux or another, but not all. Right now, the field
is somewhat level. But how long will investors be satisfied with
products that more or less cannot be differentiated?”

“There are more clouds on the horizon…”

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