PRNewswire: 3D Linux Graphics Drivers Announced for Voodoo3 Graphics Cards…

“Xi Graphics Inc. (www.xig.com) has released two new drivers
supporting the Voodoo3 3D graphics cards from 3dfx. The drivers for
the cards — the Voodoo3-3000 and Voodoo3-3500 — are downloadable
from Xi Graphics’ Web site for $29 each and can be installed in 15

“The 3D Linux graphics drivers — or LGDs — are OpenGL
1.1.1 compliant.
Both driver packages include one of Xi
Graphics’ famous Accelerated-X servers, Xi Graphics’ libGL 3D
rendering library, and the standard libGLU library.”

“”When it comes to Linux drivers for the latest PC hardware, Xi
Graphics leads the pack,” said Lee Roder, Xi Graphics national
sales manager. “We produce higher quality drivers more efficiently
than anyone else in the business.””

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