PRNewswire: EarthWeb Sponsors the Bazaar

EarthWeb…announced today that it is title sponsor of The
Bazaar, a three day Open Source Software conference and exhibition
in New York City on Dec. 14 through 16.
EarthWeb’s Bazaar will
be a comprehensive forum featuring over 30 hands-on workshops, more
than 50 conference sessions, featured keynote and panel
presentations by the leaders of the Open Source movement, and over
45,000 square feet of vendor and project exhibits.”

“The conference program will focus on the technical and legal
aspects of implementing Open Source solutions,” said Michael Healy,
Director of Events and Conferences at EarthWeb. “The exhibition and
conference will highlight Open Source projects, demonstrate vendor
support and profile some of the more successful cases of Open
Source implementations.”

“Open Source Software is more than just Linux, more than just
the GNU tools, and more than just a free distribution of code. It
is a community, a way of doing things,” said Jon Hall, Executive
Director of Linux International.”

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