Science Daily: Duke Computer Scientists Exceed “Gigabit” Data Processing Speeds

Interesting news from the networking world.

[ Thanks to Rajiv
for these links. ]

“Duke University computer science researchers have developed a
system for Internet communications at speeds higher than one
billion bits – 1 gigabit – per second in a local area network (LAN)
of personal computers.”

“This system essentially doubles the current speed at which data
can be transferred over the fastest LANs with TCP/IP, the
communications standard used for the Internet and the World Wide
Web. It is 20,000 times faster than communication through a
telephone modem.”

“The system uses a special high-speed Myrinet LAN operating at
Duke’s computer science department. Duke’s Myrinet system was
supplied by Myricom Inc. of Arcadia, Calif., as part of an
experimental project, funded by the National Science Foundation, to
develop new techniques for high-speed communications.”