SCO World: SCO Meets Disruptive Technology

[ Thanks to David for this
link. ]

“Today’s disruptive technologies include digital photography and
retail over the Internet. And Linux? The upstart OS has the
characteristic low margins, ill-defined distribution channels, and
uncertain business value of a classic Christensen disruptive
technology. Many companies (including IBM, Intel, Microsoft,
Oracle, Sun, and others) have taken heed of the impact of Linux.
They have initiated various market-positioning efforts aimed at
thwarting or leveraging the erosive impact of a free OS on their
business models. Linux, its champion Linus Torvalds, and the
open-source movement have captured the enthusiasm of today’s
technology industry–companies and users alike. Competitive
companies eagerly await a new challenger to Microsoft, while the
public hungers for the story of an upstart made good.”

How is SCO dealing with the disruption Linux has created?
On the one hand, SCO is meeting the challenge on several
First, Professional Services, a division of SCO,
announced at SCO Forum a new series of Linux-related offerings.
These offerings are designed to help enterprise customers evaluate
and manage the cost, benefits, and risk of open-source
technologies. Second, SCO has delivered Linux-app compatibility and
offers its Open License Software Supplement as a compendium of
SCO-compatible open-source technologies. Third, and perhaps
significantly, SCO invited Christensen to deliver a keynote address
at SCO Forum, where receptive ears clearly heard his message.”