TechWeb: Transmeta Tops Intel Mobile CPU Speed

“Transmeta on Wednesday finally took the wraps off its
long-awaited Crusoe processor, which translates Intel’s X86
instructions into native code for dramatically improved processor
life and clock speed.”

“As expected, the chips will be used for a new class of Internet
access terminal and mobile PC. Both of Transmeta’s chips, the
TM5400 and TM3120, dynamically adjust clock speed and power levels
to match their application. The 700-MHz TM5400 will be the fastest
mobile processor available, the company said.”

“Leveraging the input of Linus Torvalds — the creator of the
Linux operating system and a Transmeta employee — the company
will also develop a small code-size version of Linux, called mobile
Linux, that will be made available to OEMs and the open source