TLS: Getting It…

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for this link. ]

“By now you have at least heard about the problems confronting
our friends at Microsoft in dealing with their 2 separate court
cases with DR DOS and the DOJ. We are going to spend the majority
of the next week (or two) analyzing this situation. Although there
has already been a great deal written, it is going to take a week
or two to really digest and understand what is all going on

“So, as this is my first writing on the subject, I want to take
all of this into a different direction, and thus plant a seed in
everyone’s mind. As monumental as this decision may turn out to
be, what happens to Microsoft should not be important to us. We all
(including me)get too wrapped up in the issue of the day with
Microsoft and their corporate lackey’s (op I meant ally’s).
see this turn of events as an opportunity for the Linux Community
to collectively get ourselves back on track to what the REAL goal
for the IT community ought to be.”

“That GOAL as I see it is getting the world moving toward a more
logical technology development path. The plain fact is that the
real damage that Microsoft has done is not their sleazy business
practices, but in getting the entire computing world focused on The