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technofile: Microsoft's dilemma: Fix Windows or give up trying?

Oct 02, 1999, 22:47 (12 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Al Fasoldt)

"Linux isn't just reliable. Toasters are reliable. Grandparents are reliable. Linux is in a different category. It's sun-baked-and-brick-hard reliable. It's designed to keep running no matter what happens. It's engineered to sail on smoothly even if programs start to misbehave. If Program A crashes on a Linux computer, Program B is totally unaffected. And the operating system itself remains cool and calm. Windows users sometimes have a hard time believing all this; they're used to PCs that crash and programs that cause other programs to fail. They're used to the Microsoft propaganda that has tried to convince all of us that crashes are just a part of everyday PC life. Linux users know this slightly differently: They're a part of everyday Windows life..."

"Look at it this way: Non-working PCs are not an option for any business or organization, so somebody has to get PCs that crash back up and working. Because Microsoft can't solve the problems that Windows PCs have -- Windows is the cause of these problems, so of course Microsoft can't fix them -- the technical support people have to figure out fixes themselves. And those fixes usually do not work for long, because Windows is not reliable enough."

"And so we find ourselves in the middle of a revolution. We find ourselves choosing the way our computers will behave, the way they will run. It is an easy change, and, for many, a quick change. Learning a few new ways of opening and closing programs and spending an hour studying new commands is easier than spending all weekend every six months of so trying to get a computer running again. Making choices is easier than living with regrets."

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