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TechRepublic/Gartner: Outline your Linux priorities before choosing a distribution

Jul 14, 2000, 18:55 (0 Talkback[s])

"Linux is a product of the Internet, and while most Linux distributions can be obtained online at no charge, a few vendors specialize in creating their own Linux kernels and clustering products. These vendors charge a nominal fee for their products and support services. So when it's time to select a Linux system, the question becomes: To pay or not to pay?"

"However, before selecting any operating system, you should consider what you need the operating system for. Will you be using the OS for business-to-business purposes? Does the OS need to handle a large volume of Internet transactions? Outline the priorities of your organization and then compare the list with what the different Linux distributions offer, and the one you need will show itself."

"As a result of Linux's proven performance and reliability, the corporate world is beginning to take the OS seriously. Most of the interest in Linux has been spurred by the sudden involvement of major vendors, including IBM, HP, and Compaq, all of which announced they are strategically supporting the operating system. The major Linux vendors, Caldera, Red Hat, SuSE, and TurboLinux have done their part to push Linux commercially. The next generation of Linux applications will move with the shifts in the marketplace. New Linux applications are emerging around portable devices, network servers, and the Internet. Some features of the top Linux vendors are listed below..."

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