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O'Reilly Network: Linux/UNIX Server Market Share Beats NT/Win2K

Aug 12, 2000, 15:39 (8 Talkback[s])
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"The latest IDC numbers tell a seemingly familiar story: "32 bit Windows" leads the pack in server operating system unit shipments, with 36% of the market, followed by Linux at 24%, Netware at 19%, and Unix at 15%."

"Why is no one noting the obvious? The differences between Linux and UNIX are similar in scope and significance to the differences between NT and Windows 2000, or arguably even less significant. Why are the 32 bit Windows numbers amalgamated, and not the Linux/UNIX numbers?"

"...as a user (avoiding all the political and marketing issues that make us want to draw lines where they don't really exist) I say that Linux and UNIX belong together in these kinds of surveys. The technical differences between Red Hat and SuSe or Debian are as great, in many ways, as the differences between Red Hat and FreeBSD. As Kirk McKusick says, all the Linuxes have the same kernel, but different utilities; all the BSDs have different kernels but the same utilities. What is so sacred about the kernel? Solaris and AIX have different kernels too. As a user, I can move from UNIX to Linux without a whole lot of headaches.

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