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Enterprise Linux Today: The New Religion: Linux and Open Source

Nov 02, 2000, 07:40 (0 Talkback[s])

"Zona Research Examines Linux Deployment in New Primary Research Analysis Report."

"Visit any IT oriented Web site or read most any IT trade publication and you can find endless commentary and/or hype about how the Linux and Open Source movement is fundamentally changing enterprise computing. From these accounts, it would seem that commercial vendors of operating systems and applications are facing their biggest competitive threat and an ever worsening future. But does this hype have any basis in fact? Seeking to shed some light into the reality of this market, Zona Research, Inc. announces its latest Zona Market Report, The New Religion: Linux and Open Source. This report examines the state of Linux deployment in organizations, the factors driving deployment, user perceptions of the Linux and Open Source value proposition, and provides an overview of the Linux marketplace...."

"Overall, if Linux development were compared to the Pilgrim Separatist movement, this would be the year 1640, when the second wave of Puritans were being assimilated. The Great Revolution is yet to come," states Charles King, Senior Industry Analyst, Zona Research. "Much like the behavior of the early Java market, Linux is being tested and evaluated, but it has not caused the wholesale replacement of existing applications and operating systems," continued King. "Just over half of our respondents indicated their organization would replace existing applications with Linux, but at the same time 40% of our sample had not yet deployed a single copy of Linux."

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