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CNET News.com: Ken Starr speaks out on Microsoft

Jan 15, 2001, 18:10 (16 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Joe Wilcox)

"Q. Why do you see this case as so important?
A. This is obviously a terribly important part of our economy, but it also seems to be an important question as to whether we will in fact continue to dedicate ourselves to vigorous enforcement of the antitrust laws in new technological areas. And it's especially important it seems to be in the software industry, where competition issues are going to be vitally important."

"Q. You are convinced then, Microsoft is a dangerous monopoly?
A. I am fully satisfied, and I think most reasonable observers are, that Microsoft enjoys a monopoly in the operating systems market and that is the appropriate market under the law. I am further satisfied, based on the evidence at trial and the judge's very carefully articulated, very comprehensive findings of fact that Microsoft abused that monopoly power. That is, as Judge Bork has been saying all along, is the core of this case, the abuse of monopoly power so as to destroy budding competition and that most dramatically is demonstrated in the Netscape story.

"Q. Microsoft has positioned this case as an attempt to regulate the software industry. What do you think about that?
A. It's quite the opposite. In fact, I think one of the advantages of this particular remedy that Judge Jackson has fashioned is that he has not set himself up or any other judge up as a software czar. He is not the czar of the industry, but rather he is following the kind of structural remedy that No. 1 is called for in the antitrust laws and antitrust principles, and secondly is conceptually and analytically clean in terms of fostering the competitive environment."

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