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IT-Director: Linux: Crashes to the ground

Feb 28, 2001, 15:40 (61 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Father William)

"When escaping a planet's atmosphere, thrust has to be maintained. Failure to do so will see a vehicle stall and lead to the eventual break-up of the craft. Sections, pilots and equipment will tumble at ever-increasing velocity in descending back to the planet's surface for total annihilation. Much likened to the prospect of Linux, once a momentum of great significance, it is now showing signs of stalling. Could this be true? Or is this the calm before the storm."

"Linux has been struggling to get off the ground as a desktop, competing with the likes of Windows. As a server solution it has done well, a cheaper solution for the dotcoms, a stable solution for the Telco’s. Variants of kernels have offered benefits in different arenas; applications have been developed for businesses and with some degree of success. As with any planetoid environment, the world of Linux has changed by season. Currently in the season of Linux weakness, the servers have come under attack from aliens, the hackers, when everyone thought it was safe. What is the next season going to be, a serious bug?"

"Linux had strength, the OpenSource philosophy, a great idea that worked, so much so, that visitors from other parts of the galaxy, namely Apple, used it to develop the Mac version ten. Hopefully, this is going to be a success, but it is only faith, Apple are being strategic in the hardware and software positioning and playing at stretching the news game. If this release does fail to take off, the international rescue plan for OpenSource goes to the grave too. If it succeeds, it may draw attention away from the great Linux object in the sky. A lose-lose game, where there is more chance for MacOSX to be taken seriously and commercially distributed."

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