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Caldera announces plans to offer downloadable ISOs for OpenLinux 3.1

Jul 03, 2001, 16:00 (31 Talkback[s])
Subject: Downloadable ISO images of OpenLinux 3.1 will be available
 for single user non-commercial use 
Date: Mon, 02 Jul 2001 16:50:24 -0600
From: Porter Olsen 
To: users@lists.caldera.com


I know this is SO late in coming, however better late than never.  I
want to offer my thanks to those who adopted a "wait and see"
position. Even so, it's hard to blame those who jumped to
conclusions because the timing on this was... well bad.  Further, I
want to give my assurance that Caldera values this list!  I don't
post because I can't speak for Caldera in an official capacity and
I'm sure anything I said would end up being quoted as such. 
However, I follow the list and search it for pearls of wisdom from
time to time (technical and otherwise).  Caldera has no plans but to
continue to support this list for the benefit of OpenLinux users new
and experienced alike.  I am confident this list will continue to be
beneficial to Caldera and the broader Linux community well into the
unforeseeable future.

Porter Olsen
Manager, (Linux) Technical Support
Caldera International, Inc.


"Unofficial" but validated e-mail from Dean Zimmerman, OpenLinux
Workstation Product Manager:


You might be interested to learn that we are planning to have the ISO
images (That's the CD-ROM images) of the OpenLinux Workstation and
OpenLinux Server products available for free download.  The images
will be available off the Caldera Web Store, and will be freely
available as a free download on a single user, non-commercial

The RPMs and SRPMs are currently available at
ftp://ftp.calderasystems.com/pub/OpenLinux3.l, and have been for
some time.

OpenLinux Workstation will also be available for download through a
link inside the Developer's Lounge.

Making our Linux products available for free download has always been
part of the Caldera policy.  It is unfortunate that we were unable
to make these downloads available at the time the products were
announced.  We want to encourage the download of these products by
developers and our friends in the Open Source community.

Because of the national holiday in the United States, I don't think
we'll be able to post these images for download until next week,
though it is our intention to announce their availability as soon as
they are posted.



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