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Shawn Gordon of theKompany.com Named as HancomLinux USA CEO

Aug 29, 2001, 02:30 (8 Talkback[s])
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By Dennis E. Powell

Shawn Gordon, president of theKompany.com, has been named chief executive officer of American operations for HancomLinux, Inc., the Korean software vendor.

Gordon and theKompany.com have become well known in the Linux world over the last 18 months through their contributions to KDE and KOffice, their suites of developer tools, and their infant Kapital personal finance program.

HancomLinux publishes the Hancom Office suite, which comprises a number of standard office applications written to the QT toolkit and a word processor which is a WINE port of their Windows word processor. Though popular in the Far East, Hancom's suite has failed to dent the U.S. market. Gordon's appointment, announced today at Linux World in San Francisco, is part of an effort to gain popularity in the United States. That effort includes porting the word processor, HancomWord, to QT, as well as inclusion of applications from theKompany.com aimed at the enterprise and groupware market.

"We're going to be doing some neat things with the office suite," said Gordon. "We're looking to gain both individuals at home and corporations."

Among the innovations Gordon hopes to bring to Hancom Office marketing is the discount for beta testers that has been well accepted when used in preparing for release of theKompany.com's products.

"One thing we'll do is use the subscription method we've had on a lot of our products," Gordon said. "If you buy Hancom Office 1.5 right now for $49 and get the subscription, you'll get 2.0 when it ships."

Hancom Office 2.0 will be built against QT-3.0 and will be fully Linux native, Gordon said, though versions for other operating systems are likely to be included on the CD, allowing cross-platform interoperability.

"We'll have integration with ReKall, Quanta, and Aethera," he added. "This will include very good Microsoft filters. It will be a really unified environment." He said he is aiming for a shipping date late this year at an initial price of $99.

Gordon stressed that his association and that of theKompany.com with Hancom does not mean the end of theKompany.com, which will continue to offer its own products as well as standalone versions of some of the programs it is contributing to Hancom Office.

The Hancom Office 2.0 will broaden the suite's range of applications, including an HTML editor called HancomWebBuilder, a database application, HancomEasyDB, and a personal information manager, HancomQuicksilver.

Hancom's U.S. operation will be headquartered at 29833 Santa Margarita Pkwy Ste. 500, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA.

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