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InfoWorld: Future of open source (Predictions for 2002)

Jan 07, 2002, 11:06 (19 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Russell C. Pavlicek)
"More Fortune 1000 managers will finally agree with the notion that it is better to use software designed to empower the user than software designed to empower the software vendor. As big wheels grind slowly, this tendency will be revealed gradually over time and without great fanfare.

The amount of FUD -- fear, uncertainty, and doubt -- generated in Redmond, Wash., regarding open source will increase in 2002. (Yes, I know this is a bit like a psychic claiming, "There will be an earthquake in China this year," but every soothsayer needs at least one easy pick.) Open source represents Microsoft's only real competition on a mass scale, so the heat will be turned up again, especially if the corporate world wises up and fights the XP-.Net lock-in that Microsoft has in mind for it.

And here is something I predict will not happen: Unless forced by government agencies, Microsoft will not release Microsoft Office on Linux. Such a move would threaten Microsoft's current lock-in on the desktop. If the government does force a port, I'm not sure I would want to trust my business to what would be produced by Redmond as a result."

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