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Red Hat, Pundits Respond to Oracle Move

Oct 26, 2006, 13:30 (9 Talkback[s])


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LocalTechWire: The Linux War Is On: Red Hat's Answer To Oracle's Assault Is 'We Will Compete'

"Here's the quote {Red Hat CEO Matthew Szulik] gave The Associated Press after Oracle unveiled its 'Unbreakable Linux Network' plan that could break Raleigh’s home-grown Linux open source software success story:

"'There are always concerns, but keep in mind that Oracle... acknowledged that Red Hat is the technical leader in the market,' Szulik told The Associated Press. 'We still have a rich product pipeline. We will compete...'"

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Red Hat: Unfakeable Linux. Red Hat Responds.

"Q: Does Oracle's recent announcement change Red Hat's partnership with Oracle?

"A: No. Red Hat has had a productive 7-year relationship with Oracle. Red Hat will continue to work closely with Oracle to optimize Red Hat Enterprise Linux and JBoss middleware subscriptions for Oracle products, and to support joint customers..."

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InfoWorld: With Friends Like These... (Oracle Goes After Red Hat)

"Now, Oracle will say that it's offering a level of support unmatched by Red Hat, and it will also say that this program is not designed to kill Red Hat. Maybe. I talked with some Oracle employees, and they were convincing that some Oracle customers have complained about Red Hat's service/support.

"But even if true (and I've heard as much grousing about Oracle's support as I have Red Hat's, or anyone else's for that matter--the fact is, no one likes support if they have to use it), there were better ways to deliver superior support without undermining one's partner..."

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Dargo: Bull*�%!

"Sometimes you just have to call bull*�% on something and Oracle's announcement on Linux is as great a candidate as any I've seen lately. Most of the pundits and analysts will focus on what this means for Red Hat and their valuation. In fact, Red Hat's stock price was off 15% in after-market trading after the announcement...

"Larry's quote is the most interesting: 'We believe that better support and lower support prices will speed the adoption of Linux, and we are working closely with our partners to make that happen...'"

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451 CAOS Theory: "Fundamentally, This is Free Software in a Proprietary Wrapper"

"After the announcement, [Canonical CEO Mark] Shuttleworth told us,

"'It's a very interesting move by Oracle, and sends exactly the 'services based' message I would expect them to want to send. On the one hand this is a hell of a shot across Red Hat’s bows, on the other, it further entrenches Red Hat's position at the centre of the Linux-for-the-enterprise game...'"

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There is No Open Source Community: Boo-hoo for Red Hat (Not)

"They don't add up, and they're not going to. And the reason they're not going to is that this move is Oracle's revenge, except saying so publicly would make them an awfully petty company, now wouldn't it? Which they are... after all, there are any number of companies that have been burned by Red Hat's refusal to play nice with their partners in the past, and those partners have chosen to simply let sleeping dogs lie--well that, and they can continue to make money with Red Hat. Oracle, on the other hand, has decided that Red Hat is in the way. You can argue that this is more of an emotionally satisfying decision for Larry Ellison than a dispassionate one make on sound business principles.

"The truth of the matter is that this couldn't have happened to a better bunch of a-holes than the folks in RTP, North Carolina. For years, they have managed to burn their bridges with partners with impunity..."

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