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Spideroak: Secure Offsite Backups For Linux

Jan 23, 2009, 00:02 (0 Talkback[s])
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"But how do you implement offsite backups? I'm tired of reading headlines about how some minimum-wage "contractor" (a code word for permatemp, which is code for employee who is paid peanuts and gets no benefits) has to haul backup tapes home every night, and then they get stolen out of the poor schmuck's '68 Gremlin which hasn't had functioning locks in decades. And the tapes are not encrypted, and in fact have labels that read SECRET STUFF--DON'T LOOK!! And the poor permatemp takes the heat, but it's not his fault that his bosses are dimwits.

"A Better Way

"Thankfully there is a better way, and that is network backups to a remote location. You can swap storage space with a friend, or a branch office, or use a commercial service. The third option is the one we're reviewing today, and the vendor is Spideroak. I've been torture-testing a couple of free accounts, and had a nice conversation with the folks at Spideroak, and the short story is I give it a mostly thumbs-up."

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