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Jones and Updegrove on Microsoft vs. TomTom

Feb 26, 2009, 18:26 (16 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Pamela Jones, Andrew Updegrove)
"Are Microsoft's FAT patents *hardware* patents? No? Then what makes you assume they are valid in the post-Bilski world? Don't even get me started on obviousness. Let alone who really "invented" that stuff. This may turn out to be an opportunity, frankly. If you read the ITC complaint, on page 23, by the way, you'll find that Microsoft is currently dealing with a nullity action in Germany regarding a foreign counterpart to the US FAT patents. It's also dealing with a Canadian challenge.

"If you are new and wonder what Bilski means, here you go.

"And to all those who insist that Microsoft has improved, and they should be treated just like anybody else, and included in Linux conferences and all that blah blah blah, would you please take a long walk on a beach or under a starry sky or something and after a little soul-searching, ask yourself: Have I lost my cotton-pickin' mind?"
Two Quick Words About Microsoft v. TomTom: Think Bilski

"So with all of that as prelude, what do I think? The answer is this: No sea change. at most, a minor course correction, reflecting:

"1. A new guy at the wheel, letting the marketplace know that they better not take him for granted.

"2. The ongoing internal divisions within Microsoft between the proprietary old guard and the more enlightened new guys (including Ozzie) that either "get" open source software, or at least understand that Microsoft's customers do. With layoffs and a bad quarter, perhaps the it was politically expedient to throw the old guard a bone.

"3. A desire to beef up the credibility of the licensing folks that will be knocking on the doors of the smaller mobile device and netbook vendors in the months ahead.

"What I don't see, really, is any likelihood that a major shift has occurred, and that this is the beginning of the long-feared Microsoft vs. Linux Armageddon. Simply put, it just doesn't make sense."
Beating the TomTom: Drums of War? (Not)