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Likewise Software Announces Support for Platform Peace

Mar 05, 2009, 23:03 (0 Talkback[s])

Likewise Software Announces Support for Platform Peace

Operating Systems Battle Draining Precious IT Budget and Resources

BELLEVUE, Wash., -- March 5, 2009 -- The evil eyes, destroyed relationships and recriminations associated with the long-raging battles over Mac, Windows, Unix and Linux operating systems are on their way to becoming distant memories thanks to Likewise Software’ solutions and their new t-shirts.

The t-shirts are available at likewise.com/tshirts

Likewise Open and Enterprise software products enable organizations to integrate multiple operating systems into a Microsoft Active Directory environment. To commemorate the ending of the OS hostilities, Likewise has released two t-shirts, which people can proudly wear to demonstrate their commitment to the hope, and to the peaceful co-existence of heterogeneous systems (that, um, means Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Unix.)

"The costs of the OS wars have been high both in IT costs and even personal relationships," said Likewise CEO Barry Crist who experienced first-hand the IT carnage early in his career when he worked at Apple and his fiance-now-wife Maureen worked at Microsoft. "The hostilities have gone on for too long. With Likewise Open - a powerful, free, open source solution for enterprise users of Linux, Unix, and Mac systems - and our new t-shirts, our users can openly and actively declare their support to end the IT-wars."

"We love the software and the t-shirts both for their value to the enterprise as well as the statement that they make," said an unknown and completely irrelevant industry analyst who did not want to be identified. "T-shirts are pretty much all most system administrators wear. This product line expansion is the latest of a series of smart moves the company has been making over the past several years."

All proceeds from the sale of Likewise t-shirts will go to organizations that help both civilian and military casualties of real war.

About Likewise Software (the serious stuff that nobody ever reads) Likewise Software provides identity management solutions designed to improve operational efficiencies, increase security and help achieve regulatory compliance in mixed network environments.

And, it comes in two flavors:

Likewise Open allows large organizations to securely authenticate Linux, Unix and Mac systems with a unified directory such as Microsoft Active Directory.

Likewise Enterprise includes all of the core authentication technology that comes with Likewise Open, plus world-class migration, group policy, audit and reporting modules. For more information, visit www.likewisesoftware.com.


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