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Ask the Wi-Fi Guru: Damp WiFi Signals, Bridging, Slo-Fi, Why?

Jun 09, 2009, 23:31 (0 Talkback[s])

"Q1b: I have successfully converted the WRT54G router with DD-WRT firmware v23 and converted it to be used as a wireless bridge as per your article and it works great. However now when I type I get my primary router login page, how do I access my Linksys DD-WRT router again?--Izad

"A: A question so nice, our readers asked it twice. Actually, more than twice. Both Randy and Izad ask about the same conundrum, one that naturally comes up often. But first, some background.

"Randy and Izad have both set up a second router in their network, and using a firmware like DD-WRT (or possibly Tomato), have configured this router as a wireless bridge. In this configuration, the bridge allows wired network devices (like PCs, printers, and gaming consoles) access to the wireless network. The wired devices plug into the second router, and the second router obtains its network connection wirelessly by acting as a client to the primary router."

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