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Linux Servers Are the Smart Business Choice; Windows Servers Are Not

Feb 09, 2011, 20:05 (0 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Carla Schroder)

"Linux servers are the smart business choice; Windows servers are not. In this series we'll look at how server and network admins can get started learning Linux, and in future installments learn about excellent Linux/FOSS servers and software for all business tasks.

"To oldtime Linux server admins it seems quaint that in this new millennium, the year 2011 in the 21st century, there are still a considerable number of IT managers and staffers who think the world begins and ends with Microsoft Windows, with all the lardy, vulnerable application stack that goes with it, and the horrible customer-hostile pricing and End-User Licensing Agreements (EULA). The best thing I can say about a Windows IT infrastructure is you're paying top dollar for something that sort of works OK. Though it is without peer at fueling the World Wide Botnet.

"The good news is there are all kinds of excellent alternatives in the Linux and Free/Open Source software (FOSS) world. Keep in mind that "Free" means free as in liberty, not free as in no cost, though much FOSS is free of cost. Far more important is you get access to source code, open standards and formats, and enjoy liberal rights as an end user and developer. FOSS does not punish you for license violations the way that proprietary software companies do. There are no FOSS patent trolls, the Business Software Alliance will not be sicced on you, and nobody will try to extort all kinds of money from you because they think you trespassed on their sacred Intellectual Property. That is a nasty vague propaganda term that I prefer to shorten to Eye Pee, because Eye Pee is appropriately vulgar and silly."

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