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IT Management Linux News for Apr 09, 2000

  • On24: Video: VA Linux CEO Maps Linux Future (Apr 09, 2000, 23:03)
    "VA Linux Systems President and CEO talks to ON24 Reporter Dwane Brown about the impact the Microsoft judgment will have on his business."

  • Mission Critical Experiences with Linux (Apr 09, 2000, 20:40)
    "This paper explores the author's experiences with Linux in mission critical business applications. Recent developments help provide a positive framework for corporate adoption and deployment of Linux."

  • M-Tech: Linux Business Applications (Apr 09, 2000, 14:37)
    "This page contains a list of references to commercial sites that make use of Linux to support their day-to-day business function."

  • Linux Journal: Linux in the Enterprise (Apr 09, 2000, 13:25)
    "How do I convince my boss that Linux is an excellent operating system for business use?"

  • GBdirect: Zenith Direct Sales System [Linux Deployment] (Apr 09, 2000, 12:38)
    "This case study outlines the direct selling web site that we built for Zenith, one of the UK's largest plumbing supplies retailer. The site was built using our own e-commerce framework, running on Linux and supported by a mySQL database."

  • GBdirect: The Building of TrainingPages [Linux Deployment] (Apr 09, 2000, 06:02)
    "There was no budget, so the software had to be free. ... There was no contest: it was going to be Linux for the operating system, Apache as the webserver and then a suitable database and a mixture of whatever seemed best to write the database queries and presentation logic in."