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IT Management Linux News for May 23, 2000

  • Information Week: Linux Training To Go Online (2000-05-23 23:43:42)
    "DigitalThink and Red Hat are creating coursework that will prepare students to take the Red Hat Certified Engineer exam..."

  • BetaNews: Corel Applications To Be Served To Consumers Via ASPs (2000-05-23 23:33:42)
    "...agreement with C Me Run Corp. that could see its desktop software served up online for consumers via their Internet service providers (ISPs) and through Web portals. ... ...aims to help such ISPs and portals quickly becomes application service providers (ASPs) by managing the technology required to deliver an Internet-computing approach to programs typically run on desktops."

  • CNET News.com: Can Inprise perform as a soloist? (2000-05-23 22:43:13)
    "Inprise "can't survive as an independent business... "They need to find another home. Unfortunately, they may be viewed as damaged goods at this point."

  • Fairfax IT: Linux aiming for corporate desktops (2000-05-23 14:43:40)
    "The server part of Linux is still stronger than the desktop," David Intersimoni, Inprise's vice president for developer relations said. "But as (Microsoft's) Visual Basic helped Windows get desktop applications up fast, Delphi will do the same for Linux."

  • Linux.com: Better Business Models for Open Source? (2000-05-23 13:00:11)
    "It is difficult to get a good handle on how well each strategy is currently performing. The Linux industry is still very new, and most companies have adopted several of the models. However, this article will attempt to give the reader some perspective on the current status on each company and which models they are using."

  • 32BitsOnline: The trouble with being Corel (2000-05-23 01:26:14)
    "It is unfortunate that the FUDsters are going to make hay with this as proof of the insolvency of the "Linux-oriented" business plan. It's bound to happen, and it's dead wrong. Linux is not what's wrong with Corel."