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IT Management Linux News for Jun 13, 2000

  • ZDNet: New kid on the Linux block: SCO (2000-06-13 23:22:41)
    "PC Unix stalwart SCO is doing the inevitable -- or the unthinkable, depending on your interpretation. It is expected to field its own Linux operating system release in the fourth quarter of this year."

  • VNU Net: IBM puts Linux in notebook range (2000-06-13 21:32:29)
    IBM has added support for Linux to its Thinkpad range of notebook computers as part of its effort to push the open source operating system further into the enterprise.

  • LinuxPR: Linux Leaders Forecast Future of Linux in Business (2000-06-13 20:42:59)
    "Jon "maddog" Hall and Mark Bolzern to Keynote at PC EXPO."

  • BW: Connectix Corporation Launches Promotion for Virtual PC With Red Hat Linux (2000-06-13 20:22:49)
    "Significant savings with a $50 mail-in rebate for purchases from June 15 to September 30, 2000"

  • DowJones.com: Corel Corp. Could Raise Added C$16.6 Million In Share Offer (2000-06-13 19:52:36)
    "...Corel said a half warrant will be issued to the purchasers of shares because a final prospectus wasn't issued within 10 business days following the filing of the preliminary prospectus."

  • InfoWorld: Putting IA-64 Linux to the test (2000-06-13 19:30:04)
    "In the latest industry embrace of open-source advocates, Hewlett-Packard and Intel on Tuesday released a free IA-64 developers kit that allows the Linux community to develop, test, debug, and run IA-64 applications for Intel's upcoming Itanium processor-based servers and workstations."

  • BW: GraphOn... and Compaq China... Partnership to Provide Complete Computing Solutions to China (2000-06-13 15:16:02)
    "GraphOn will expand its existing activities in China by incorporating Compaq China into the various projects that GraphOn is working on with the Ministry of Education in China."

  • ZDNet: Chip makers cozy up to Linux (2000-06-13 14:23:56)
    "For longtime Microsoft Corp.backer Intel, the world isn't looking quite so homogeneous anymore."

  • Network World: The latest Linux: SCO (2000-06-13 13:38:20)
    "Companies lacking faith in the pack of young companies selling Linux will soon have the option of buying a version of Linux delivered by a relative old-timer: The Santa Cruz Operation."

  • TechWeb: IBM Completes Linux Picture (2000-06-13 13:03:37)
    "We really see this as a multi-billion-dollar opportunity for IBM," Wladawsky-Berger said."

  • BeOpen.com: Interview with Warrick Allison of Troll Tech's Qt Library (2000-06-13 12:42:05)
    "The purpose of us having two licenses is because we want people who want to write Open Source software to be able to do it with no ties to us at all. They can use version 2.1 of Qt forever, and modify it to their heart's content. We don't want people to be tied to us, and we don't want people to feel like they're tied to us."

  • LinuxWorld: European dot-coms struggling (2000-06-13 12:26:23)
    "The Boodotcom syndrome is set to hit hard for many of the dot-coms in the current economic environment, according to Colin Tenwick, Red Hat's vice president for European, Middle Eastern, and African operations. In an interview with LinuxWorld at the Linux Expo 2000 in London, Tenwick reflected on that formerly high-flying UK dot-com's recent bankruptcy. "I don't think people should underestimate the impact that will have," he said."

  • InfoWorld: IBM further boosts Linux (2000-06-13 04:20:31)
    "Plans also are in the works to put Linux on the AS/400 systems by the third quarter. Linux already is on the S/390 mainframes."

  • BW: Linuxcare Optimizes Linux On IBM Thinkpad Laptops (2000-06-13 00:04:18)
    "Linuxcare also today introduced the industry's first service to actively manage complex, continuous changes between and within multiple distributions of the Linux operating system. IBM is the first customer for this new service."