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IT Management Linux News for Jun 19, 2000

  • BW: VistaSource, Inc. Announces Partnership With ACA Pacific... (2000-06-19 23:09:15)
    "...VistaSource will leverage ACA Pacific's broad distribution channels in Greater China, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand as a means to distribute its Applixware Office 5.0 for Linux."

  • IW: 3ware Becomes An OmniLinux Business Partner To Help Support The Linux Community (2000-06-19 18:28:27)
    "OmniLinux wants Linux and Open Source enthusiasts to have the best solution at the lowest cost while 3ware enables that solution through its hardware."

  • LinuxPR: LynuxWorks, Inc. Closes $35M in Private Financing (2000-06-19 17:23:52)
    "The funding will be used to help LynuxWorks advance development and deployment of its Linux-based technology in embedded systems..."

  • LinuxMall.com: Any Port In a Stormix (2000-06-19 16:59:02)
    "A new player in the professional services division washed up at Stormix, aimed at bumping its technical offerings to small and mid-sized businesses from simple support to full IT solutions."

  • LinuxMall.com: Cisco Fuels TCP Tweaking With Linux (2000-06-19 16:50:18)
    "Researchers at the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center are embarking on a Linux odyssey funded by networking deity Cisco Systems."

  • eWeek: Why faux Linux companies won't fly (2000-06-19 13:46:22)
    "These companies are trying to salvage dead or dying products by recasting them as Linux essentials. They're going so far as to tweak Linux and make parts of it proprietary. This clearly is not the way of Linux life."

  • VNU Net: IBM adopts Linux to take on Windows NT (2000-06-19 12:55:37)
    "The growth rate of it to date has blown away any growth rate of any previous operating systems. Last year, sales of Linux skyrocketed, especially in the server space, from 16 to 25 per cent [of the total] - a 92 per cent growth rate. That's pretty phenomenal. In a server market that's only 5.5 million units, Linux shot up to 1.3 million of it. So we're doing everything we can to help it."

  • The Standard: IBM Embraces Linux With Open Arms (2000-06-19 11:57:18)
    "In backing the upstart technology, and its ethos of collaborative development and free distribution, IBM is targeting a consumer movement. It's also, possibly, out for revenge that's been long in coming. It was just 15 years ago that another upstart technology, Windows, sparked the PC revolution and humbled IBM's ponderous mainframes."

  • LinuxStockNews: Linux and Microprocessors (June 19, 2000) (2000-06-19 11:14:04)
    "Growing support for Linux on the desktop, server and in embedded systems has encouraged producers of microprocessors to consider Linux during product development and research. Major chip manufacturers and distributors have begun forging alliances and creating new collaborations to capitalize upon this growing demand. Linux is being touted as a target operating system for numerous processor producers as its benefits have become more widely understood. Cost, in addition to configurability and scalability, have helped Linux to gain the momentum necessary to coordinate development with processor manufacturers."

  • LinuxStockNews: Linux Enters the Mainstream (June 19, 2000) (2000-06-19 11:01:37)
    "Since we first informed you that large technology companies were joining the Linux revolution, many changes have occurred. However, the sector is hotter than ever. Remember back in January when VA Linux (NASD: LNUX) and Red Hat (NASD: RHAT) were the hottest stocks in the market? With the imminent breakup of Microsoft, it seemed like this duo were the next companies to ascend the throne as de facto rulers of the next generation of operating systems. These days, Microsoft is indeed breaking up but both Red Hat's and VA Linux's stock prices are shadows of their former selves."

  • Philippine Inquirer: Divided he stands: Interview with Bill Gates (2000-06-19 06:21:37)
    "Linux is not a competitor in the sense that it does not have any of the features of the products that we ship."

  • Upside: Red Hat's black ink (2000-06-19 03:10:00)
    "Buoyed by better-than-expected financial results for the first quarter of fiscal year 2001, Red Hat (RHAT) executives were racing to jump on the growing "pathway to profitability" bandwagon this week."