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IT Management Linux News for Sep 13, 2000

  • Irish Times: Open source may reshape the software industry (2000-09-13 22:50:47)
    "Mr Fiachra Ó Marcaigh, operations editor at online.ie, says that Forrester's claims seem to represent an extreme scenario. He believes Linux will give Microsoft a run for its money, and the revelations from internal memos in the antitrust case show that Microsoft is worried about it."

  • ZDNet: Evan Leibovitch: The AIX and pains of 64-bit computing (2000-09-13 18:23:07)
    "OpenServer, SCO's cash cow for the latter part of the 90s, can't do a single thing that UnixWare or Linux couldn't do better, faster, and/or less expensively."

  • VNU Net: Apple Unveils Latest iBooks and OS (2000-09-13 15:11:19)
    "Jobs also said that the public beta of Apple's new OS X operating system is available through the company's online store (applestore.com), priced at $29.95."

  • SlashTCO: Is Linux self marketing? (2000-09-13 13:39:57)
    "In the IT industry, having a good product does not always guarantee your company good sales. As you read this article, somebody, somewhere, could be developing a product which has the potential to take the industry by storm. However, if they haven't got the resources to market their product, it may never see the light of day. But if the product is that good, does it need marketing?"

  • Fairfax IT (Australia): Linux to top growth as NT keeps cash cow status - Salomon Smith Barney (2000-09-13 00:03:52)
    "LINUX will be the fastest growing software platform, with its market earnings tipped to increase by 33 per cent over the next four years to $US3.39 billion, a Salomon Smith Barney report says."