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IT Management Linux News for Sep 21, 2000

  • LinuxPR: theKompany.com releases Kugar, a business reporting tool for KDE. (2000-09-21 19:50:19)
    "Kugar is a business report generation and viewer tool for KDE. Kugar takes application generated data and merges it with a template to produce a high quality report that can be displayed or printed. Both data and templates are specified in XML."

  • SlashTCO: Are IBM backing the "winning horse" in the OS race? (2000-09-21 13:25:29)
    "Does the fact that IBM are putting so much support and development behind Linux indicate that they have studied the form and backed a winning horse in the shape of the Linux OS? Maybe they know something that others don't?"

  • Chicago Tribune: Major firms back nationwide tech campuses (2000-09-21 12:45:07)
    "'If they're distracted by choosing between [Windows] NT or Unix, Apple or IBM, thinking about, Who should I get to do the air-conditioning?, they can't get down to the real business,' said Bruce Caldwell, a senior analyst at GartnerGroup."