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IT Management Linux News for Oct 20, 2000

  • Smart Partner: What's MS Worried About? (2000-10-20 19:09:23)
    "Predictably, Linux is Microsoft's primary concern. The company is "seeing more and more Linux in the low-end Intel space..."

  • IT-Analysis: IBM surfs the Linux tidal wave; Linux surging in Germany (2000-10-20 16:52:47)
    "IBM is now able to demonstrate a commitment to Linux across the range, which no other hardware vendor can currently match or even comes close to. ... Dirk Hohndel, the CTO of the German Linux vendor, SuSE... claimed that Linux was making very strong in-roads in Germany. ... All of this adds up to one simple fact, the Linux juggernaut is still rolling."

  • In Context: Follow the Money; Cathedral Investments in the Bazaar (2000-10-20 09:06:38)
    "When you attempt to "follow the money" being invested in Linux startups by established technology companies, you find these "tech giants" are motivated by all sorts of considerations when they pour millions of dollars into high-risk ventures based on a radically different way of making money off of software. What it is very refreshing to note you don't find is an attempt to use these investments to dominate markets. Also of interest: several Linux startups seem to have done quite nicely without any corporate investors."