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IT Management Linux News for Nov 07, 2000

  • CNET IBM expands Linux offerings for e-commerce servers (Nov 07, 2000, 20:42)
    "Using WebSphere Commerce Suite Start 4.1 running on Linux, businesses can buy and sell products, build catalogs, and run customer loyalty and relationship management programs."

  • IBM: Linux Appliance Server Reflects Customer Demand (Nov 07, 2000, 18:39)
    The appliance servers also come with a common Web-based interface that allow for a "common look and feel" as well as providing the user who doesn't know Linux to harness the operating system's potential, making it easier for users to make the switch..."

  • Upside: VA Linux investors back away (Nov 07, 2000, 18:37)
    "While such numbers weren't exactly frightening, the mass defection of VA Linux investors during Monday trading was. By day's end, company share prices had fallen 42 percent, throwing a company still best known for its record opening day IPO performance into the dog pound with the rest of the dotcom mutts. By midday Tuesday, it had gained a smidge, 25 cents to 17.62."

  • Client Server NEWS 2000: Compaq Cans Transmeta Box (Nov 07, 2000, 17:48)
    "Compaq US won't be going with the Transmeta chip like it was supposed to according to highly placed sources both inside and outside the company. Compaq's Armada group, the Compaq unit that invested in Transmeta and has been designing with the start-up's revolutionary x86 Crusoe microprocessor, reportedly made the decision two weeks ago."

  • Wall Street Journal: VA Linux Warns of Slow Sales, Blaming Weak Dot-Com Business (Nov 07, 2000, 16:09)
    "Because of the slowdown in orders from Internet-oriented companies, VA Linux said it will now put more emphasis on marketing to established businesses. But in doing so, analysts note, it will be competing with the likes of International Business Machines Corp., Dell Computer Inc. and other major computer makers, all of which have undertaken major Linux efforts this year. Indeed, Wall Street bears about Linux hardware companies like VA Linux have always maintained that since Linux hardware is essentially indistinguishable from ordinary personal-computer hardware, Linux companies would have a hard time differentiating themselves from bigger computer companies."

  • Borcon 2000 reveals Borland's Linux strategies (Nov 07, 2000, 08:13)
    "Linux will be high on the agenda at Borcon 2000, given the projected release early next year of project Kylix - the name given to the Delphi and C++ Builder development tools for Linux."