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IT Management Linux News for Nov 14, 2000

  • LinuxPR: Bull and Penguin Computing Partner to Provide Complete Linux Solutions in Europe (Nov 14, 2000, 23:09)
    "This cooperation will strengthen the Linux business strategy of both companies and will constitute an important element in the execution of Bull's overall secure e-business strategy."

  • Bye Bye, iOpener (Nov 14, 2000, 22:47)
    "A few months ago, the $99 iOpener was deemed one of the first "inexpensive Internet appliances", a cool mini-PC with a LCD display. The company assumed you would use their proprietary Internet service (which would be their profit making device). Instead, various hardware hackers snatched up the box and converted it into a Linux plaything."

  • ZDNet: Linux sets its sights on the PDA market (Nov 14, 2000, 21:38)
    "In the last week alone, there have been two major announcements of new Embedded Linux support for PDAs and other handheld personal computing devices. The most recent such news came from Trolltech... followed within two days of a similar announcement by Century Software... "Those announcements were just the latest two among an accelerating sequence of Linux PDA developments. Let's take a look at some highlights of the Linux PDA support that has emerged thus far this year."

  • InfoWorld: Corel's e-Too seeks to liven up Web mail (Nov 14, 2000, 18:36)
    "Corel on Tuesday announced a new technology, known as e-Too, that is designed for adding features to Web mail software. The technology should enable e-mail messages sent through Web mail applications such as Microsoft's Hotmail to appear in a variety of text formats, and should also facilitate the inclusion of hand-drawn sketches and handwritten signatures..."

  • Fujitsu Says Customers Impetus Behind Linux Switch (Nov 14, 2000, 17:48)
    "By focusing on the new platform where the customer's requirements are, Fujitsu will strive to expand its server business," Ikeda said. "Different customers have different requirements, and by providing a range of different products and operating environments, we can meet these diverse requirements."

  • InfoWorld: Apache founders hit Vegas in search of cash (Nov 14, 2000, 17:04)
    "...Behlendorf said the ASF may need to look for a little cash to keep up with the demands that developing the leading Web server requires. "We have found some things that we may actually have to go out and pay for," Behlendorf said. "We might take donations and pay for certain things, like advocacy."

  • SlashTCO: A Comparison Between Linux and Windows 2000 (part 1/3) (Nov 14, 2000, 16:05)
    "There has been plenty of discussion about how Windows NT and Linux compare to one another, but with the recent addition of Windows 2000 to the Microsoft stable, little has been said about how this may affect any of the existing arguments for or against either OS."

  • Enterprise Linux Today: Transmeta reveals 2001 roadmap (Nov 14, 2000, 15:22)
    "You will definitely see one of the three major US vendors deploying Crusoe in its main line of laptops next year," Mike DeNeffe, Transmeta's director of notebook marketing, told at Comdex yesterday."