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IT Management Linux News for Dec 04, 2000

  • Apache Today: November 2000 Security Space Survey Results (2000-12-04 22:16:05)
    "The Security Space Web Server Survey is a survey of Web Server software usage on the Internet broken down by 86 domains. Security Space estimates that even though there are almost 20 million Web sites, nearly 90 percent are 'orphans' to which no other sites link. Security Space's Web server survey includes only those servers referenced on other sites."

  • VNU Net: The open source challenge (2000-12-04 21:23:15)
    "The open source community needs such a business model before it can hope to be taken seriously by companies. For the time being, open source just isn't at the point where it can take on the big software companies, and it's clear that simply replacing closed source with open source won't work."

  • Wired: Red Hat Closing S.F. Office (2000-12-04 21:14:55)
    "London attributed the layoffs to redundancies created by acquisitions, and said the move has nothing to do with any troubles at Red Hat."

  • Byte.com: Linux In The Big League - Big Sites Gamble On Linux (2000-12-04 21:07:47)
    "I was recently asked to do a project for a large European public company. It received a license from the local finance ministry to run an online casino, and the management opted for an all-Linux solution. Bear in mind that it did so against a very substantial offer from Microsoft to assist the project financially (free Win 2000 licenses) and technically (free onsite MS system engineers)."

  • VARBusiness: IBM President Bets On Linux, E-Sourcing (2000-12-04 14:48:22)
    "I believe that our commitment to bring Linux into the world of mainstream, secure, reliable, available transaction-intensive computing and work with the open-source community will be good for both IBM and for the entire industry, especially for solution providers who see the potential that Linux offers."

  • Lou's Views: Penguins vs the Dismal Science (2000-12-04 14:38:16)
    "The basic problem for the Linux distro companies, despite the wishes to the contrary of many in our community, is that software does indeed want to be free, as in beer. There's nothing special about software, nor is this a special trait of its being intellectual property instead of a physical good, like a car or a bowling ball... Whether this explains why Red Hat's stock is trading at under $7 a share as of the morning of December 4th, can be debated endlessly, I suppose, but it sure looks to me like Wall Street has figured out that even if the Emperor Penguin isn't completely naked, he's still wearing far less than a full Armani suite."

  • AsiaBizTech.com: Linux Cluster System Business Moves into Prime Time in Japan (2000-12-04 12:47:33)
    "System providers think that Linux clusters are most competitive in the market just in-between small-scale Windows NT clusters and large-scale UNIX clusters. A deputy manager at Ostsuka Shokai Co., Ltd.'s technical solution center says, "Linux cluster prices range from 10 million yen to 50 million yen. Linux clusters are most accepted by users who can afford several million yen for hardware and need 200GB to 300GB disk capacity."