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IT Management Linux News for Dec 15, 2000

  • WebTechniques: MySQL + Transactions = MaxSQL (2000-12-15 20:46:01)
    "MaxSQL offers an excellent alternative to high-priced commercial systems. Most systems don't need to handle the high transaction volumes that warrant an Oracle installation. And with the addition of transaction-safe tables, it should handle database updates with even less programming effort."

  • The Register: Is the end looming for the Microsoft monopoly? (2000-12-15 20:31:55)
    "Meanwhile back at the core OS revenue front it doesn't look particularly promising either. There's clearly a point beyond which Microsoft can't squeeze the OEMs, and while it's a substantial leap of faith from that to say they'll start retaliating by shipping PCs with alternative operating systems, the pressure could induce them to concentrate more heavily on platforms that aren't exactly PCs. Linux appliances could become more attractive to them than the lowest price PCs, and they just might start to get more interested in Palm and Symbian as well, given that stuff you shove in your pocket and stuff that works with wireless is hot."

  • The Register: BT Launches US Hyperlinks Action; Prodigy Responds (2000-12-15 20:26:08)
    BT -- which claims a patent on hyperlinks -- vows to go after American companies and collect royalties. Meanwhile, BT's first target -- Prodigy -- vows to fight to the bitter end.

  • The Register: Red Hat shaves loss to $900k; on track for profitability by year's end (2000-12-15 19:27:04)
    With quarterly revenues "rocketing" 112 per cent over year ago, Red Hat is on track for profitability by end of calendar 2001.

  • CNET.com: Slow adoption of new Office, Windows hurting Microsoft (2000-12-15 18:32:50)
    "Before Windows 2000 was launched in February, Gartner projected that 15 percent to 20 percent of Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT desktops would be converted to the newer version by the end of the year. The market researcher now expects a conversion rate of less than 10 percent."

  • The difference between... (2000-12-15 16:40:41)
    Today's short bit of wisdom.

  • Review commences for Draft 5 of Joint Revision to POSIX and the Single UNIX Spec (2000-12-15 16:39:22)
    The Austin Group today announced commencement of the review of Draft 5 of the joint revision to POSIX and the Single UNIX Specification.

  • Corel Corporation Responds to Media Reports (2000-12-15 16:16:09)
    "On an ongoing basis and as part of the normal course of business, Corel has discussions with a number of companies on a variety of issues. It is a matter of company policy that Corel does not comment on these discussions or any other internal matters."