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IT Management Linux News for Jan 24, 2001

  • Enterprise Linux Today: Kx Systems Breaks Real Time Barrier (2001-01-24 23:59:26)
    "Kdb Gets Sub-second Response on Billion-Row Databases."

  • ITWorld Forums: Discussion with Hervé Gallaire, January 23 to 25, 2001 (2001-01-24 22:39:55)
    "Hervé Gallaire is vice president for research and technology with Xerox Corporation. Gallaire, a senior vice president and Xerox's highest-ranking technologist, oversees a budget of a billion dollars invested in seven engineering centers worldwide, including the famous PARC."

  • Enterprise Linux Today: Linuxcare Helps Storage Vendors Meet Internet's Need For Storage Access (2001-01-24 21:18:27)
    "Linuxcare has announced strategic services deals with Maxtor, Network Appliance, and SGI to help each vendor bring innovative storage products to market. Linuxcare's experts are working with these and other key storage players to design open-source solutions that will meet the exploding demand for inexpensive, reliable network storage and provide ubiquitous access to stored information."

  • Corel Unveils New Corporate Strategy (2001-01-24 17:23:05)
    Designed to reposition the struggling software vendor for long-term growth and profitability, Corel's strategy was outlined yesterday by Derek J. Burney, president and CEO of Corel Corporation. The initiative includes selling off its Linux distribution while retaining its Linux versions of its WordPerfect and graphics software, paring down its WordPerfect offering from 30 international flavors to 4 English-language versions that will also incorporate elements of Microsoft's .NET framework, and placing a renewed emphasis on its graphics software, especially in the Macintosh market.

  • Microsoft sites down again (2001-01-24 16:59:06)
    Microsoft officials say that the problems were caused by an internal problem with the company's data center, not the antics of vandals or problems with its registrar.

  • National Post: No news is bad news for Corel stockholders (2001-01-24 16:50:06)
    "'From reading the press release, this looks like a strategy meeting that was long on meeting and short on strategy,' said Duncan Stewart, an analyst with Tera Capital Corp. of Toronto. 'This has got to be a bit depressing for them.'"

  • TheDeal.com: Corel to sell off Linux assets (2001-01-24 16:46:11)
    "'This new strategy makes a lot of sense,' said Jean Orr, analyst for New York-based Bluestone Capital. 'Their lack of focus has probably hindered their service to the existing customer base. Plus, their best potential for growth is in the graphics market. I never thought that the Linux operating system strategy would be a money maker for them.'"

  • Upside Today: VA Linux still suffering from post-earnings woes (2001-01-24 16:39:35)
    "'With the company missing its projected revenue totals two quarters in a row, they really have a credibility issue,' said Patel. 'You really have trouble taking their word for what they're going to hit next time.'"

  • LinuxPlanet: Strange Alliances in U.S.v. Microsoft (2001-01-24 14:18:30)
    It is awfully tough trying to figure out the motivation for people of widely varied political philosophies taking atypical views in that little lawsuit known as United States v. Microsoft Corporation, argues Dennis E. Powell. So he strips away the rhetoric and to find that there are basically two arguments in the debate -- both coming from the conservative side of the spectrum.

  • FreeOS.com: Sun shines on Linux too (2001-01-24 08:05:09)
    "Herb Hinstorff currently heads Sun's program office for Linux and Open Source. In this interview he talks about what Sun is doing for the Linux and the Open Source community."

  • Wired: Linux Lovers Launch Large Lab (2001-01-24 02:07:28)
    "The industry's first independent, nonprofit lab for developers who are adding business-oriented capabilities to Linux and Linux-based software opens for business Wednesday."

  • israel.internet.com: Aduva to Move CEO to Silicon Valley; Firm Focuses on Linux Users (2001-01-24 00:02:01)
    "Aduva said it provides a recognized source addressing critical Linux system management issues, such as upgrades and patches for software or hardware, new software installations or system integrity and compatibility verification."