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IT Management Linux News for Jan 30, 2001

  • Enterprise Linux Today: Turbolinux, Big Blue Partnership Going Strong (2001-01-30 22:40:27)
    "In the continuation of a partnership between Big Blue and a leading Linux provider, Turbolinux weighed in at LinuxWorld in New York Tuesday with a new Server 6 for IBM's eServer z900 and S/390 mainframes."

  • TechWeb: Will Sun Take The Linux Plunge? (2001-01-30 22:08:46)
    "But now that the new Linux 2.4 kernel is expected to scale up the operating system to support higher levels of multiprocessing, observers said, Sun needs to better outline its Linux stance."

  • CNET News.com: LinuxWorld shows software entering adulthood (2001-01-30 16:05:12)
    "The code-sharing, cooperative "open source" programming model that underlies Linux is a "better mousetrap" than the closed-source, proprietary methods employed by Microsoft... Specifically, open-source software naturally shifts priorities away from the companies that sell software--Microsoft and Oracle, for example--and toward the customers that use the software."

  • CNET News.com: Compaq adds Steeleye clustering software to Linux servers (2001-01-30 08:30:23)
    "Clustering software lets one computer take over for another automatically if the primary machine fails. SteelEye's software extends this "failover" ability to include some higher-end Compaq storage devices as well."

  • SJMercury/Reuters: Dresdner backs Linux-based software, a banking first (2001-01-30 07:30:02)
    "And in a move that would have once been considered an anathema to the secretive banking world, Dresdner Kleinwort plans to freely release its "openadaptor" plumbing software to programmers in the the wider "open source" community."

  • LinuxWorld: Future Computing: The warp and woof of data storage (2001-01-30 05:34:55)
    "The major transition that datacenters are currently undergoing is the loss of the ability to say, "This hard disk is attached to that computer."