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IT Management Linux News for Aug 29, 2002

  • Developer.com: How Open Source Has Been Good for Software Companies (2002-08-29 20:00:45)
    "However, I am glad to report that things are not as they seem. After working with many smaller software companies, I found that open source has actually been a boon for many of them as well as their bigger brethren..."

  • The Register: SCO and Co. Shore Up UnitedLinux (2002-08-29 16:00:03)
    "Efforts to shore up the UnitedLinux effort continued yesterday, with big names joining SCO Group Inc to preach against fragmentation of the open source operating system..."

  • Linux and Main: Thanks, Thomson Multimedia! (2002-08-29 13:00:28)
    "Thank you for the unbelievable amount of free publicity we have received in the wake of this announcement. If it weren't for the change in mp3 licensing, there's a very real chance that the continued adoption of our open standards may have slowed down..."

  • DesktopLinux.com: Revenge of the UNIX Nerds: McBride Shoots, Will He Score? (2002-08-29 01:00:22)
    "It is the story of a company born deep within Novell, a giant which ignored first the rise of Windows, then the rise of Linux, while in its executive corridors and on the street, the voices calling for a revolution began in whispers, and ended in a riot of Linux distributions..."