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IT Management Linux News for Sep 04, 2002

  • CRN: For Many Web Hosting Shops, All Roads Lead To Linux (2002-09-04 22:00:40)
    "Whether for large Web hosting companies such as DreamHost or small IT shops like Penguix, Linux is becoming the hosting platform of choice..."

  • The Register: Sun May Play Greater Open Source Role (2002-09-04 17:30:50)
    "A senior executive at Palo Alto, California-based Sun last week didn't rule-out the company's possible donation of high-end technologies to the open source community. Technologies would be donated during development of Sun's own brand of Linux..."

  • CNN: Is Linux Poised to Topple Microsoft? (2002-09-04 16:00:48)
    "But now Microsoft is a convicted monopolist, forced to ease up on those restrictions. The biggest beneficiaries of the New Millennium ABM Club may be proponents of Linux, the open-source operating system, long considered to be as potentially disruptive to Microsoft's dominance as a missile strike on Communist-era Moscow..."

  • JBoss.org: Sun'S J2EE Standard Needs JBoss (2002-09-04 11:30:34)
    Marc Fleury, founder of JBoss and President of JBoss Group LLC, responds to recent disparaging statements made by Sun CEO Scott McNealy on the relationship between open source and J2EE.