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IT Management Linux News for Sep 19, 2002

  • NewsForge: Counting Desktop Linux Users is Impossible (2002-09-19 23:30:57)
    "IDC analyst Dan Kusnetzky is one of the world's most quoted individuals when it comes to counting computer operating system use, especially Linux. But when you come right down to it, he's no more certain than anyone else just how many people use Linux as a desktop operating system..."

  • Silicon.com: Microsoft Offers Source Code to 2,300 Parties--150 Say Yes (2002-09-19 20:30:05)
    So how is that Shared Source Initiative going? Microsoft says very few people are taking them up on the offer--and now they're wondering what the big deal about Open Source is. A lesson in how even Microsoft's stumbles are used against Open Source.

  • LWN.net: The Free Software Foundation's Open Letter to the UnitedLinux Board (2002-09-19 01:01:10)
    "Bradley M. Kuhn, the Executive Director of the Free Software Foundation, has submitted an open letter to the UnitedLinux Board of Managers. 'However, since nearly all of the volunteers from the Free Software community (your fellow developers) did not receive a copy of the so-called 'closed beta', we ask that in a show of good faith, you make available at least the terms of distribution you used for that product...'"