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IT Management Linux News for Dec 03, 2002

  • InfoWorld: Linux Future Scales Out (2002-12-03 23:30:26)
    "As dominant systems and software companies continue to pour millions into scaling Linux for the enterprise, some observers now believe the open-source OS's future is to serve as a distributed, network-based operating system..."

  • The Register: Windows Costs Less than Linux. A Bit. Sometimes--MS Study (2002-12-03 20:30:59)
    Another story on the IDC TCO study released Monday. It takes a different angle than the eWeek story posted here earlier today: "However, erm, correct us if we're wrong but we were under the impression that obstinate corporate customers who hung onto their Windows servers for a whole five years without upgrading were more or less open source loving commies in the eyes of Redmond..."

  • eWeek: Study Finds Windows Cheaper Than Linux (2002-12-03 17:00:44)
    "A Microsoft-sponsored white paper from research group IDC, which compares the total cost of ownership of Microsoft's Windows 2000 and Linux server environments across five enterprise computing workload situations at 104 companies, found that the Windows 2000 server offered a lower five-year total cost in four of the five selected workloads..."

  • InformationWeek: Linux Is Launchpad For Boeing's Simulations (2002-12-03 16:00:17)
    "Aerodynamics engineers with Boeing's Expendable Launch Systems division in Huntington Beach, Calif., used a 96-node cluster of PCs with Advanced Micro Devices 850-MHz Athlon processors running Red Hat Linux, rather than a $500,000 supercomputer, to keep costs low in pursuit of its goal..."

  • eWeek: Liberty Alliance Waves White Flag at Passport (2002-12-03 14:30:58)
    "Officials at the Liberty Alliance's founder and chief sponsor, Sun Microsystems Inc., last week went so far as to concede defeat to the Passport authentication service on the Windows platform..."

  • ITBusiness.ca: Don't Open Source, Don't Tell (2002-12-03 09:00:17)
    "It's going to get dirty, this tit-for-tat exchange between those lobbying for increased use of open source in government and a coalition that calls itself the Initiative for Software Choice (ISC)..."

  • INQ7.net: Microsoft Philippines on Linux: Market Will Decide (2002-12-03 07:00:43)
    "'We recognize that there has been a lot of hype around Linux, which directly competes with Windows... In the end, the market has the final say...'"