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IT Management Linux News for Dec 06, 2002

  • CNET News: RealNetworks to Release More Code (2002-12-06 20:30:26)
    "The move will provide wider access to its Helix Producer software. Producer is a key element of Helix, which includes server software, encoding software and client software for decoding..."

  • The Inquirer: IBM's Linux Enterprise Strategy Probably Unsustainable (2002-12-06 19:00:31)
    "The Aberdeen Group has issued a report on Big Blue and its Linux products and strategy today for the enterprise... it questions whether IBM will be able to sustain this strategy over a long period of time."

  • InfoWorld: Sun Ponders Offering Open-Source Solaris (2002-12-06 17:30:48)
    "Sun Microsystems is pondering whether or not to offer Solaris code in an open-source format to boost deployment of the operating system on Intel hardware, but questions remain about the effectiveness of open source, a Sun official said this week..."

  • The Register: MS Fights Open Source with Freebies--An Eyewitness Writes (2002-12-06 10:00:45)
    "Who knows? Well, the would-be defectors, of course. What? How does free server licences grab you? One defector who declined to hock his soul to Microstopheles in exchange for absolute temporal power in the IS department, writes [his story to the Register]..."

  • ZDNet: Linux and .Net to trounce Unix (2002-12-06 08:30:15)
    "The future is anything but bright for proprietary Unix operating systems. According to a new report, flavors of Unix from the main vendors--hardware heavyweights HP, IBM and Sun--will lose out to Linux, and even Microsoft's emerging .Net..."

  • CNET News: Open-source Clan in Spat with Sun (2002-12-06 04:00:11)
    In related open-source news... "A leading OpenBSD programmer has accused Sun Microsystems of hindering development of the open-source software for its newer computers, causing Sun to scramble to cooperate with the project in response..."