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IT Management Linux News for Jul 29, 2003

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 Beta 1 (Taroon) Announced (2003-07-29 21:00:59)
    "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 is the next generation of our comprehensive suite of Linux operating systems -- designed for mission-critical enterprise computing and certified by top enterprise software vendors..."

  • Financial Times: Microsoft Reaches Middle Age (2003-07-29 20:00:57)
    "As if that were not enough, Microsoft faces its biggest competitive threat since 1995. This time, the threat from left field is the sudden popularity of Linux and other software products produced by the open-source movement..."

  • eWeek: Linux Makes Messaging Moves (2003-07-29 19:00:52)
    "Messaging and collaboration software vendors Scalix Corp., IBM's Lotus Software division, Novell Inc. and Open Wave Inc. are each moving to meet enterprises' increasing demands for Linux-based software at the server and client levels..."

  • SCO's Troubles Continue in Oz (2003-07-29 15:00:24)
    The SCO Group is meeting a great deal of skepticism and resistance for its new Linux license proposal--perhaps nowhere as strongly as Australia. Two articles detail SCO's efforts there, as well as the Australian IT community's very strong response.

  • ARNnet: Editorial: Licking Linux? No Way (2003-07-29 11:30:12)
    "When the CEO of a major IT conglomerate feels compelled to deliver a written apology to the Linux community for making an off-handed comment about the 'immaturity' of their pet passion, you can't help but realise how serious this teenage technology has become..."

  • AME Info: Al Ghurair Group Runs Oracle E-Business Suite on Linux (2003-07-29 10:00:26)
    "Oracle Corporation... today announced that Al Ghurair Group has migrated its Oracle E-Business Suite applications from Windows to Linux in order to achieve higher availability and improved security at a lower cost of ownership..."

  • Chicago Sun Times: The.WWWindy.city (2003-07-29 00:00:56)
    "To keep expenses down, Metnick is running the operation on a shoestring as a 'virtual company' and using free open-source Linux software to avoid paying licenses to Microsoft Inc. 'There's not a line of Microsoft code in the site,' he said..."