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IT Management Linux News for Aug 14, 2003

  • Personal Computer World: Sun Mad as a Hatter Over Microsoft Worm (2003-08-14 22:00:41)
    "With a worm designed to exploit a Windows flaw once again in the news, Sun Microsystems has decided to bring forward the registration date for its open source rival to Microsoft..."

  • PR: OSDL Releases Q&A Addressing Recent Legal Actions by SCO Group (2003-08-14 21:00:59)
    "The paper asks and answers key questions about SCO Group's current lawsuit against IBM and about its threatened litigation against users of Linux..."

  • ZDNet Australia: Damned If You Do and Damned If You Don't (2003-08-14 21:00:20)
    "Well, in the interest of the user (but of course), SCO is now preparing to invoice customers running or developing applications using Linux..."

  • LinuxPlanet: Tux Makes Orbitz Fly High (2003-08-14 19:00:44)
    "It is perhaps one of the most commercially-oriented ventures on the Internet today: a travel Web site run by a consortium of airlines. You can't get more corporate-minded than that. So what is Orbitz doing when working directly with the open source community for support issues on its massive search engines? Enjoying one of the many benefits of Linux, that's what..."

  • Bank Technology News: Linux Woos Wall St. (2003-08-14 18:00:56)
    "It turns out that Linux can help Wall firms accomplish a task it prizes above almost all else: cutting costs..."

  • Line56: The Linux Decision (2003-08-14 17:00:47)
    "The University of Nebraska considers leaving Windows and Intel environment for cheaper Linux-ready Lotus..."

  • CNET News: The Other Linux (2003-08-14 16:00:31)
    "Through one of history's quirks, Seibt again finds himself in a mano-a-mano struggle against Windows--but this time he heads SuSE, a company whose operating system is causing major headaches for the folks up in Redmond..."

  • AlwaysOn: Khosla: Open Source Optimist (2003-08-14 13:00:12)
    "Vinod Khosla discusses the networking sector and Linux, and explains that he's still a technology optimist..."

  • CNET: BMC Widens Support for Linux (2003-08-14 02:30:49)
    "BMC Software announced a new version of its Deployment Manager for Linux software Tuesday as well as increased support for enterprise Linux software..."