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IT Management Linux News for Aug 22, 2003

  • NewsFactor: Behind the Scenes: Microsoft's Server Dominance (2003-08-22 23:00:33)
    "Once Linux overtakes Unix, as Aberdeen analyst Bill Claybrook predicts, Linux and Windows 'will be duking it out for everything.' There will be 'unbelievable competition between Windows and Linux' in areas like back-end database servers, he says..."

  • SearchEnterpriseLinux: Tractor Supply Gets Out of WinTel's No-scale Rut (2003-08-22 22:00:57)
    The Tennessee-based chain of stores details its move from a Windows-on-Intel environment to a PolyServer cluster running on Red Hat Linux.

  • Mad Hatter Deux (2003-08-22 21:00:17)
    Why all the vitriol from IBM about the desktop? Two articles detailing Sun's latest Mad Hatter push provide the answer. They are targeting, it seems, two sets of customers: virus-beleaguered Windows users and "stranded" OS/2 users.

  • The Register: IBM Dismisses OpenOffice as Child's Play (2003-08-22 20:00:00)
    "Lest you think Smith has been living in a cave, rest easy. She does appear to be acquainted with OpenOffice and its StarOffice incarnation from Sun Microsystems. These suites, however, are not good enough for IBM..." A follow-up article, this time with responses from Sun.

  • CRN Interview: SuSE Linux CEO Richard Seibt and General Manager Holger Dyroff (2003-08-22 19:00:05)
    This one got missed during all the hubbub of LinuxWorld Expo, but here is an informative interview with SuSE executives with "their thoughts on the SCO controversy, Novell's purchase of Ximian and other hot topics."

  • eWeek: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0: Beta Test Drive (2003-08-22 17:00:17)
    "Red Hat Inc. is nearing the second release in its line of Linux distributions geared specifically for the enterprise, and the new offering builds upon Red Hat's server room strengths while emerging as a strong candidate for desktop deployment..."

  • Poor Financials Force Layoffs at IBM, HP, Novell (2003-08-22 16:00:55)
    Two articles detail heavy layoffs at three companies involved in various degrees with Linux and Open Source. Dismal quarterly earnings and offshore outsourcing appear to be the main causes, depending on the company.

  • LinuxPlanet: OSDL Seeks To Be Linux Center of Gravity (2003-08-22 11:30:06)
    With the likes of Linus Torvalds and Andrew Morton coming onboard, one gets the distinct impression that some interesting things are happening at the Open Source Development Labs. Fortunately, it didn't take long to catch up with OSDL CEO Stuart Cohen to find out more.