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IT Management Linux News for Sep 15, 2003

  • E-Commerce Times: OS Wars: Solaris vs. Linux (2003-09-15 20:00:15)
    "'Before, Linux could run only on single- or dual-processor boxes,' Yankee Group senior analyst Dana Gardner told the E-Commerce Times. 'Now you're starting to see people [networking] many of these low-cost boxes in a gridlike fashion to perform highly intensive computing tasks...'

  • OSNews: Havoc Pennington: Linux has its Nails on UNIX's Coffin (2003-09-15 19:00:07)
    "In the following interview we discuss about the changes inside Red Hat, Xouvert, freedesktop.org and Gnome's future, and how Linux, in general, is doing in the desktop market..."

  • LinuxWorld: SCO to Netherlands Distributor: 'Tough Luck!' Distributor to SCO: 'See You in Court!' (2003-09-15 17:00:30)
    "In a phone conversation today with Erik Monninkhof, CFO and co-founder of Dupaco, the sole distributor of SCO product in the Netherlands, I learned that it's not just competing Linux distributions that are suffering since SCO changed management..."

  • Novell Preps Linux Offerings, Support for Potential Customers (2003-09-15 16:00:49)
    Novell is aggressively pursuing the Linux market, opting to replace its own ZENworks tools with Ximian's Red Carpet for its Linux offerings and setting up a program with the goal of making Novell "the single point of contact for Linux support." Stories within.

  • NewsFactor: Open Source on the Brink (2003-09-15 15:00:35)
    "In the next five years, open source 'is going to take [the government] market away from Microsoft completely,' predicts Eben Moglen, Columbia University law professor and Free Software Foundation general counsel..."

  • Scotsman.com: Microsoft Blow as Ford Signs Up for Linux (2003-09-15 14:00:50)
    "Ford is joining the ranks of governments and local authorities across the world that have switched from Microsoft software to the free open-source alternative Linux..."

  • CNET News: A Gentleman's C for Scott McNealy (2003-09-15 13:00:14)
    "By the time big tech companies approach middle age, they either wind up reinventing themselves or start sliding into mediocrity..."