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IT Management Linux News for Nov 11, 2003

  • Internet Week: Linux's New Best Friend (2003-11-11 23:30:24)
    "Will the combination of an old-line proprietary software company with roots in Utah and an up-and-coming open-source distributor in Nuremberg, Germany, add to Linux's momentum...?"

  • LinuxWorld: UserLinux--The Leaning Linux Tower of Babel? (2003-11-11 22:00:02)
    "In a move that some Linux users are likening to the attempt--doomed to failure, it turned out--to build a Tower of Babel, open source activist Bruce Perens pledged himself this week to the creation of a new Linux distro: UserLinux..."

  • Wired: Yet Another Rendition of Linux (2003-11-11 16:00:00)
    Desktop Linux Conference: Bruce Perens is calling for a new, Debian-based distro to supplant Red Hat's former position in the consumer market. Perens also hopes UserLinux will take on Red Hat in the enterprise, as well.

  • InfoWorld: Red Hat Users Balk at Enterprise Linux Licensing (2003-11-11 15:00:39)
    "New plan difficult to understand, users say..."

  • VNUNet: Safeway CTO Looks to the Future (2003-11-11 10:00:19)
    "Microsoft is high cost, Linux is low cost and Linux doesn't attract nerds to try to give you viruses..."

  • OSNews: Customer Services: OSS, Grasp The Concept (2003-11-11 00:00:17)
    "Commercial software companies across the industry have an often well-deserved reputation for poor customer service. Unfortunately, companies that sell Open Source Software are well on the way to establishing a reputation for being even worse than commercial firms..."