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IT Management Linux News for Jul 28, 2004

  • Editor's Note: LinuxWorld, The Summer of Suits (2004-07-28 22:45:29)
    Your editor is hitting the road for a little vacation and lot of LinuxWorld. But is LWE even worth it any more?

  • Tom's Hardware Guide: Making Open Source Software Pay (2004-07-28 19:00:00)
    "While some home users, hackers and hobbyists have switched to Linux or other Open Source software, businesses seem to have been more cautious. What exactly is Open Source software? Are there issues with licensing and technical support...?"

  • Computerworld: Whatever Happened to UnitedLinux? (2004-07-28 18:15:33)
    "UnitedLinux LLC began with much energy and promise in May 2002, as four Linux vendors joined to create a standardized, certified and robust enterprise-focused version of the open-source operating system..."

  • VNUnet: Accelerating Linux in the Enterprise (2004-07-28 17:30:09)
    "An interview with William Weinberg, newly appointed architecture specialist at the Open Source Development Labs..."

  • Mandrakesoft: 39% Increase in Revenues for the Third Fiscal Quarter (2004-07-28 16:00:56)
    "During the third quarter of 2003/2004, Mandrakesoft produced a consolidated revenue of 1.50 M€ [US$1.8 million] and a gross margin of 1.25 M€ [US$1.5 million]..."

  • Open Source Law: Open Source and the IT Trade Deficit (2004-07-28 14:00:48)
    "We identify one instance in which failure to move to a functionally equivalent open source product has significant costs for Australia and, in that example, quantify those costs at $430 million per year..."

  • internetnews.com: BEA Opens Up to Developers (2004-07-28 13:30:22)
    "Looking to take the sting out of Java development, BEA Systems released code under Apache Beehive in the hopes of getting programmers to write service-oriented architecture (SOAs) applications..."

  • China Daily: Linux Gaining Steam in China (2004-07-28 08:30:42)
    "Linux, the open-source software programme, is gaining increasing momentum in Asia-Pacific, especially China, due to strong government backing and great demand for low-cost computing from enterprises..."

  • AME Info: Just Add Linux (2004-07-28 04:00:22)
    "Open source software combined with commercial licensed software has become a market reality in the Middle East as open source technologies, like Linux and Apache, which are already tremendous market successes..."

  • OSNews: Opinion: Why Linux Isn't Ready for the Desktop (2004-07-28 01:45:23)
    "Even a Commodore 64 running Geos could be 'ready for the desktop' by this definition, but the fact is that when we read 'ready for the desktop' we understand 'ready to replace Microsoft Windows...'"